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Before we start, we are careful to collect all the information we need to stay on-track and we give you a Trello board to track progress. We deliver iteratively so that you have the opportunity to review work in progress. All of our work, is guaranteed – complete satisfaction or your money back. For extended support customers, we offer a support system in case you ever experience problems. Large-scale projects use the methodology show below. Click on Service Types for more information on how we collaborate for different types of service deliverables.

Service Delivery Approach


High level planning proceeds more specific plans and we adapt the plan as more information becomes available during research, design, and development.


Research takes many forms. It's the thought process that precedes design. It is guided by the plan and provides necessary input to designs.


Designs are only as good as the forethought that precedes it. All of the project planning and research leads our design and since design is subjective, this is an iterative process.

Development and Testing

The designs are used to generate the supporting development specifications. Frameworks are incorporated based on project goals regarding cost and the functionality required to support the project vision.


Launch planning involves multiple steps that are prepared in advance and carefully scripted. Full back-out plans are always included. Depending on the project plan, we may launch in stages.


This is An important, yet often undervalued, aspect of a web project. Today's web is composed of multiple pre-built components that are constantly changing. Multiple monitoring system ensure the durability and integrity of the finished product.

Adaptive Project Life Cycle

We're Agile

We work in an agile way, meaning that we finish one aspect of the project and have it reviewed. During these meetings we are also looking for understand whether we might need to change downstream planning based on what we learned. This approach is great for projects that are not ready with a "big design up-front".


The meetings are conducted online, utilizing a kanban board (typically in Trello, though your project have other demands.) We come prepared with test case results, change recommendations, and next steps. These typically take 2 hours and are conducted twice a week. All meetings are followed up with meeting minutes.