Bringing Form and Function Together

Making your site look good should not force you to sacrifice functionality and maintainability.


This project involved HTML/CSS rendering of PDFs of pre-written content, performing edits, formatting new pages, importing imagery, adding design elements, pricing tables, contact elements, refining stylesheets, adjusting alignments and spacing, testing and refining responsiveness, integrating MailChimp, and adding GDPR features.

Cataworx Website

AKA Management

This project was already using a selected theme which had lots of restrictions in content rendering (we build our own themes  so your not locked into any one design.)  By applying generous CSS customizations, we were able to achieve the look the AKA Management was after.

It incorporated a Slider, Service Description, Interfaced with a 3rd party Registration system, Product Descriptions, About Us Section, Testimonials, Product Links and a Contact Us page.

AKA Management

The Acne Lab

This project involved creating a custom theme using an existing website as the requirements (basically converting a custom site to WordPress.) Once I got the skeleton of the site functional, the owner decided to use a more established company. Still, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about acne!

It incorporates a true CMS (the WordPress blog) which serves content for pages through shortcodes. It was designed to allow them to make text updates to the site without involving a WordPress developer.  The blog sidebar menus were context sensitive as well! Someday, I would love to continue a similar project to fulfill the design's promise.

The Acne Lab

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Planning for your Project’s Success

In your initial phase of construction, you should select a technically solid platform that allows extensive customization and integration possibilities and scales as your company grows. Your goal should be to understand all of your options, avoid the pitfalls of WordPress, and still capitalize on it’s strengths. That is what we bring to the table. This is a good way to deploy a solid WordPress framework on a solid hosting platform with top of the line security.
Once you have the web site’s basic feature set established, eCommerce Setup with a pilot set of products is usually next – during this time, your store is usually not made public. If you do not have a web storefront, then your next steps depend on your goals: you can move directly to marketing efforts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Connectivity or you might need to integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system first. Finally, for projects with eCommerce sites, Store Configuration,  Product Population, and Product SEO is last.
Our Services are delivered in Phases:

  1. Conceptualize, organize, and deliver a compelling website on a solid platform.
  2. SEO and on-line marketing strategy, eCommerce setup and CRM integration.
  3. Store configuration, Inventory control processes, and Product import.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

We start with a proven hosting platform, add a technically solid suite of tools that allow extensive customization and integration possibilities and can scale as your company grows. This is a good way to deploy a solid WordPress framework on a solid hosting platform with top of the line security. This service combines sub-components and…


For projects with eCommerce sites, the online shop configuration, product import and configuration is a time consuming task and often requires extensive initial configurations to properly display product attributes. There’s a number of hurdles typically including shipping configurations, discounts, returns, related products, and search engine optimization. We have extensive experience here and can get you ready to open your doors quickly.


If you working on a new website and your business does not yet have a website, you might want to launch your site prior to configuring eCommerce components. Likewise, search engine optimization and CRM integration might also wait for a later phase. That is why we move these services to a separate project. With that…


We're Here To Help You Succeed

About Us

We are decades in the making. Built on top of best-practices in the computer industry, we know how to implement systems and support to empower you with control and confidence. Websites are not what they used to be. They are now a critical juncture in your advertising infrastructure. Integrations are our speciality but we believe…

James Whalen

At Your Service!

A 30 year veteran of the computer industry, James applies his expertise to WordPress and WooCommerce and brings professional best practice processes and cutting edge tools so that project efforts meet expectations such as: Timelines, Cost, Availability and Service, Website Form and Visual Style, Organized Content, Full integration to Social Channels, and Optimization for SEO.


“Form and Function – Together” is our new slogan. Too often, web developers fail to deliver the technology needed to enable the business owner to take command of their own website. We don’t stop at the design stage… successful web projects also need expertise in Project Management, Configuration Management,  Implementation, and Training.  Our WordPress specialists…


Free One Hour Consultation!

I get it… Every project is different and successful collaboration sometimes requires an initial conversation so we know whether we have found a good match and to boost our confidence. Ultimately, it comes down to 2 things: how well I understand your requirements and how well do you understand my deliverables. What gets us there…


Pre-production Ponderings

At Data Design Resources, we believe that a good web site design company, should do more than just deliver a working site that looks pretty. Form is only part of the deliverable. What is often overlooked is working functionality in all areas.   You should be able to change your site – yourself, without incurring…


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We know that you will be relieved to know how easy it is to launch the best of form and function. Get ready to excel your businesses with a quality on-line presence.

James Whalen
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I needed someone to help me over the technical aspects and did not have the time to focus on the project. Jim understood what I wanted and needed done, did it within two days, and got me over the time hump that I needed. Would recommend him and the positive result that he gave me. -Steve E.

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