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Editing WordPress Posts using the WordPress Desktop App

If you post often to a WordPress website, then you know that using a WordPress editor in WordPress Administration does not yield the best user experiance. If you have installed the free JetPack plugin, then you can download and use the WordPress desktop application. While it’s not a contender for Microsoft Word, it provides the familiar TinyMCE interface and prevents lag from a weak Internet connection. I appreciate that it automatically saves drafts while I type. Although it has limited support for design elements, the Guttenburg update should fix that. It excels at providing a simple way to post to WordPress.

The JetPack plugin also optionally provides Social Share buttons and Related Posts widgets at the end of your post. In theory, it allows you to easily post to your social channels simultaneously, however, when I tried it, it didn’t work. Still checking on what the problem was… 

Adding Value

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