SEO, eCommerce Setup, and CRM

If you working on a new website and your business does not yet have a website, you might want to launch your site prior to configuring eCommerce components. Likewise, search engine optimization and CRM integration could sometimes wait for a Phase 2 project. That is why we move these services to a separate project.

With that said, typically, we like to have a small part of the eCommerce site operational before launch but your needs may differ. Also, Search Engine Optimization is a discipline and starts with the design of the site URL structure conformity to search engines rules. We would, of-course be well into SEO before launch. There is one more part of SEO that should be considered before launch and that includes conducting a SEO Analysis against your site and making adjustments to content and it’s ‘meta-data’ to better accomidate search engine crawlers. Finally, CRM integration is important to new sites but could potentially be spreadsheet driven for a while. However, for larger, more trafficed, sites, that is not an option. Your approach will likely use these determining factors before launch. Care must be taken to not launch until all of these are considered. A premature launch can be damaging to the future prospects of your website since first impressions matter to your prospective customers, your company’s staff, and sometimes even search engines.

Once the site is properly constructed and decisions have been made regarding launch implementation, this stage brings your site closer to profiting from your website investment. We work with your company and develop an SEO strategy (see Our Approach to SEO), configure eCommerce components, and integrate to your CRM system.





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