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It happens... Your site that has worked for years suddenly stops working, your website developer is not available and now your in over your head. We offer one-time assistance when your stuck. You can purchase this service and use it anytime during the next year. Here is how we would proceed:

Initial analysis and preparation - We will examine the site logs. Perform a backup. Depending on the complexity, we may backup your site and restore into a staging area.

Issue Elaboration - Recreate your issue. Understand the full impacts of the problem. Bring clarity to the scope of the fix. Estimate the remaining efforts. Provide Triage Report. Draft a Proposed Solution (in rare cases, we could be stumped too. It hasn't happened yet - but of course, it's possible. money-back in these cases.) Gain approval from you to proceed with proposed solution (we use Trello when possible but it could be overkill in some cases.)

Progress Solution - Further debug the issue and provide you with suggestions for next steps (the problem will be fixed if possible.) We disable plugins, themes, custom coding etc in an effort to isolate the issue. We check on the custom coding done. Generally, we don't work with sites that have customized the WordPress base (this is very rare - most WordPress developers use 'hooks'.)

We will spend up to 5 hours on your problem. Most problems are solved in 2-3 hours. If malware is detected, we will export and prepare your site in a fresh install of Wordpress (some complex/custom sites may not be possible.) Sometimes, you may need new components/services to prevent the same problem in the future - we will provide details. If a plugin failed, we will offer alternatives and install and configure as needed (sometimes plugins have associated extra costs - we will provide the details  (you would need to secure the licenses ,of course.) If custom coding can solve the problem, we will begin analysis and follow-up. In some cases, additional cost might be required due to the complexity of the fix needed (but most problems can be solved easily.)

Present Solution - Wherever possible, we will present our available fix for your review in a live shared session. We also use chat sessions, phone conversation or email - depending on your needs.

Deploy Solution - the fix to your website. Document the work done so you can provide to your next developer. Provide links to any external resources related (sometimes new plugins or custom code needs to be used to fix compatibility issues.)

Final Review - You review the deployed fix on your website.