Graphic Design (Hourly)


Graphic Design (Hourly)

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Graphic Design (Hourly)

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This service is used for logos and page graphics that you specifically request. We subscribe to the best professional collections available and many times, we can get a good starting point from existing artwork or ideas based on your input. For this reason, once we get started, we will ask you for your initial opinion of existing designs. This will give us a better idea of the design elements you are looking for. We will refine a collection of graphics, and ask you for your opinion again. This process usually takes a few rounds and looks like this:

Design Process

Once we have a pretty clear idea of what you are looking for we will present you with a few different rudimentary designs. Then we will construct a selection of 3-5 graphics for your opinion. We will then make selections and adjustments based your input – this could take a few ’rounds’. The process is done over the phone and/or in a shared screen session. The process averages about 3-5 billable hours but takes a 2-3 days for review and discussion.



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