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A splash page lets you add a welcome page with background image or video. It also provides you with some important features like Age Validation, Checkbox opt-in, for Disclaimers, Agreements, Terms of Use, etc. You can choose specific dates that your splash screen will be shown. You will also be able to configure additional splash screens as needed.

We provision the only system that works as a WordPress server hosted solution. This approach does not have additional monthly costs (if you have less than 2,000 subscribers and send less than 12,000 emails a month.) If you go beyond the free tier limits, that there is a one-time fee of $99 for unlimited subscribers and an additional monthly fee of 9.95 for up to 40,000 emails a month or 19.95 for 100,000 emails a month (additional plans for heavier usage do exist.)

As part of this service, we will install and configure the components needed, configure your new newsletter opt-in form(s), and add them to your website on the preferred pages. If you have more existing forms, we can configure those as well, but we will need to analyze them for compatibility.

When your ready to present a shopping experience for your web visitors,  we can add the WooCommerce plugin and configure it so that your up and ready to sell in short order. We can optionally train you on how to use these new e-commerce features and manage your store. Some ‘complex’ products might require additional ‘paid’ plugins to properly represent the way you sell them. Up-front analysis is done for free!
Here are some highlights of this service:
  • Shop Design
  • Merchant Account Integration
  • Product Variations and Grouping
  • Category Setup
  • Promotions & Deals
  • Basic SEO & Analytics
  • Inventory Reports

If you have seen WordPress blogs on the web, then you know that often there is a ‘sidebar’ area where the ‘posts’ are categorized and a menu is displayed to the visitor so that they can read additional ‘posts’. Typically sidebars are used for adding important functionality to more than one page. Some sidebars can display horizontally – this is often used for ‘breadcrumbs’ for example. Sidebars are configured with separate functional parts, called ‘widgets’. You can add any number of widgets to a sidebar. Widgets are powerful tools and provide the functionality for sub-menus, breadcrumbs, featured pages, popular posts, calendars, login prompts, maps, images, contact info, YouTube channel galleries, social icons with followers, subscribers, and likes counts, etc. Please note however, some premium widgets do come with some extra cost.

We participate in the G Suite Referral Program and we recommend G Suite highly – that is where we host our email. G Suite provides more than just email. It’s a entire professional office suite with cloud storage. With the suite tools, you can Google calendar, forms, and pages to your site easily (we’ll show you how.) It’s a great deal if you consider your getting all this for only 5/mo! In this service, we completely configure it, integrate it with the website, get you started by assisting you with configuring your in-house email software, provide you with some guidance in using your new toolset and finally, we show you how to find further assistance from Google. Then we turn over the keys to you. When you signup for G-Suite through us, you will receive 20% off for your first year!

  • Basic – Professional office suite with 30GB storage. $5/mo
  • Business – Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving. $10/mo
  • Enterprise – Premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities. $25/mo

A new page is constructed and added to your website menu. Typically, these pages are presented to the visitor of your website as a standalone page, but some or all of the content can be added to the Home Page (this is important for content that you definitely want your visitor to see – even on small devices.) We add a component that delivers functionality even if your theme does not allow it. We also provide you with a tool (that you get to keep) that makes it easy for you to update the page in the future.

Otherwise know as an E-Commerce System, systems like WooCommerce, allow full control over managing products, inventory, and orders. It also allows shop owners to manage the online store with little technical knowledge. As part of this service, your products data, once provided in a spreadsheet, is uploaded, cataloged and configured on your, already installed, WooCommerce platform, using default WooCommerce product management tooling (see WordPress Product Setup for more information.) During this process, we will analyze your products and let you know what next steps, if any, need to be taken to display your products (sometimes additional plugins are needed to allow for the variations and features your store requires.) For this service, we can configure up to 30 products (possibly more if they are ‘simple’ products.) We offer a free analysis for you to better understand the cost before you buy. Contact Us for more information.

During this process, we will setup your products using default WooCommerce tooling for:

  • Product Attributes
  • Product Groups
  • Virtual Products
  • Downloadable Products

Graphic modification is sometimes needed in cases where you might have a graphic that you want to use but need some modifications to it. Changing the graphic can be as simple as resizing, cropping, or changing the colorization. Typically, it is a combination of these and some additional work to make the background transparent. After we adjust the graphic, we present the changes for your opinion. We will then make adjustments based your input. This sometimes takes a few rounds. The process is done over the phone and sometimes in a shared screen session. The process typically takes a few days. In this service, we charge a flat rate per graphic.

The ‘Pricing Table’ is used when you need to have a side-by-side comparison of similar services so that your prospective client can decide which service levels is right for them. Typically these sections have a button under each one for “’More Info’, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Purchase’. If you need a pricing table added to your website, we can add a component that delivers this functionality and then configure your pricing table. We also provide you with a tool (that you get to keep) that makes it easy for you to maintain pricing tables into the future.

Since not all sites have similar staff size, this service is an offer to add extra Team Members to your website. Some websites have many more members that they need to add to their team. Each unit selected below includes 10 additional members to be added to a Team Members Page.


The ‘Pricing Table’ is used when you need to have a side-by-side comparison of similar services so that your prospective client can decide which service levels is right for him. Typically these sections have a button under each one for “’More Info’, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Purchase’ (of course, the eCommerce package would be needed for ‘Purchase’ to work.)

Once the initial Product Setup and Analysis phase is complete, we will have a better idea of what is needed in this step. Since the number and complexity of products in our customer’s shops do vary greatly, this service accounts for the additional time it takes to configure products from larger shops, or shops with complicated product configurations. We will recommend additional plugins and configure the product configurations that need to be configured manually.  We might also can suggest new ways to enhance the appeal of products and introduce cross-selling mechanisms, on your site, to increase sales.

Service Types

New Projects: Project are delivered as a collection of separate 'add-on' services, which you select, and are offered at bundled pricing rates. Projects also get a booking on our calendar to reserve time. To start a project, click 'Read More' for one of the project services listed.

Individually Priced: These services are available to both new and current customers. However, current customers engaged in an on-going project, receive special bundled price discounts (these are listed as 'Add Ons'.)

Hourly Services: Some services can only be delivered by charging hourly. This is true for services with unknown scope and most 'art' production services since all art is subjective. To ensure we get enough budget to allow for revisions, we use this pricing model.

Project Add-Ons: Add-Ons are services that can be bundled with projects. They can also be purchased separately for 'project' customers at a later date.

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