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When business models and priorities change, your website should reflect these changes. When we work with you to progress these changes, we can optionally also take a look under the hood. A website audit could save you from "throwing good money after bad". We can present our findings and recommendation in a report which you can file away or have us address any problems we find. Alternatively, we can move quickly to make the changes you instruct us to do. Your in the driver's seat. The kinds of changes that our clients typically need are:

  • New or updated graphics and content added to pages
  • New or deleted pages (and menu changes)
  • New functionality (such as adding a mailing list)
  • Reorganizing menus and content to highlight products or services
  • Adding new team members
  • Adding new work to a portfolio

Our audit can bring to light additional problems that might necessitate the following:

  • Removing malware
  • Updating themes and plugins
  • Replacing a theme that has "gone rogue"
  • Optimizing content for SEO