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We start with a proven hosting platform, add a technically solid suite of tools that allow extensive customization and integration possibilities and can scale as your company grows. This is a good way to deploy a solid WordPress framework on a solid hosting platform with top of the line security. This service combines sub-components and other add-on services. You specify your project deliverables by selecting options.

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From: $450.00

Add Team Members (Hourly)

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When your business grows, you might need to add to your new team members to your website. We can import your new members to your website and configure items properly. We can crop your photos and import them, preserving meta-data. Optionally, we can suggest new ways to make it easier for you to maintain your team members on your site and perhaps even enhance the design of your team member page.

This service provides a variety of content related services ranging form scanning documents for content or photos, writing copy, or providing translation services (through online translators.) We charge an $40/hr for this service.

Add Portfolio Work

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Hopefully all of our Portfolios grow over time. If you need to add to your portfolio, we can import your new works to your portfolio and configure them properly. We assist in the export from your old system and import them, preserving meta-data. We optionally can suggest new ways to enhance the appeal of your portfolio and introduce selling mechanisms to increase sales.

Service Types

New Projects: Project are delivered as a collection of separate 'add-on' services, which you select, and are offered at bundled pricing rates. Projects also get a booking on our calendar to reserve time. To start a project, click 'Read More' for one of the project services listed.

Individually Priced: These services are available to both new and current customers. However, current customers engaged in an on-going project, receive special bundled price discounts (these are listed as 'Add Ons'.)

Hourly Services: Some services can only be delivered by charging hourly. This is true for services with unknown scope and most 'art' production services since all art is subjective. To ensure we get enough budget to allow for revisions, we use this pricing model.

Project Add-Ons: Add-Ons are services that can be bundled with projects. They can also be purchased separately for 'project' customers at a later date.

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