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If you working on a new website and your business does not yet have a website, you might want to launch your site prior to configuring eCommerce components. Likewise, search engine optimization and CRM integration might also wait for a later phase. That is why we move these services to a separate project.

With that said, typically, we like to have the eCommerce components operational before we begin an SEO project, but your needs may differ. Also, Search Engine Optimization is a discipline and starts with the a proper technical configuration of the site's content and a simultaneous understanding of how your site content would most successfully be discovered online. While Google searches are most understood, it is a small part of the total arsenal of tools at our disposal. We will begin the project with an analysis and review of the most common options and often additional strategies will enter into the messaging portfolio as a clearer understanding of your business emerges. Additional advertising avenues would incur costs, of course. Our job would be to leave no stone un-turned and leave you with a clear understanding of the way forward.

Typically, to "rank" on Google, content quality and uniqueness is critical. But even the best content can not always compete. We will review the keywords specific to your website content and show you were you stand. New content creation or Ad-words are often needed. This concept and the strategies involved, will be explained. As such, SEO involves a fair amount of training as you will need to understand why the approaches are being recommended. We will use an online meeting platform to accommodate scheduled meetings as we enter that phase of the project.