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Depending on your needs, we can optionally provision and configure the web server on your preferred hosting provider.

We host with Flywheel and SiteGround but can provide additional recommendations if you need them. There are many great hosting companies to choose from. I like Flywheel since it was built from the ground up for speed and security. This managed environment is possible to outgrow if you need IMAP/POP ports open (but this happens rarely these days.) If you must have the control of CPanel, I would suggest SiteGround. Both of these providers offer a good balance between cost and convenience. If budget is less of a concern, I might suggest WP Engine or Kinsta.

Let's talk and I can guide you to an educated choice. Monthly hosting fees, email and backup software ranges between $15/mo to $50/mo for most sites. ) The price depends on the features you need and the number of email addresses you require (of course, if your already using an email provider, you can avoid that additional cost.)