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Project Add-ons

Once you become a maintenance customer, our Add-on pricing takes affect for all of our services. As a maintenance customer, in addition to monitoring and updating, we also review your site and provide suggestions for functionality that seems deficient. We back up our recommendations with research and up-front design improvement plans.

All services are managed in a “Trello” board which we share with you. Day-today communication (if required) would be tracked via Trello “comments”. This easy to use system will help us gain clarity around requirements, deliverables, and scheduling.

We develop all of our add-ons in a sandbox which you will have access to. In some cases, we will create drafts in your live site (it depends on our agreed approach, up-front.) Graphics and content are gathered in Google Docs (yours or ours depending on agreement.) Accounts for development or integration will be needed and we can guide you through the best approach.

Some more common add-ons are listed in the Project Add-Ons tab but in many cases we define the work based on your needs. In some cases, you may not know what you need – we can help there too.

We lean on our 30 years of development experience and utilize best practices in all stages of the work from research, configuration, testing and delivery.