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Hourly services are services that do not involve project-wide tracking or ongoing maintenance agreements (though that can be arranged if needed.) This type of delivery is perfect for website enhancements or new add-on functionality. 

Depending on the complexity, hourly services are managed in a “Trello” board which we share with you. Typically we work by the hour when it’s not possible to know ahead of time what kinds of problems we might run into. If we work this way, we will make it easy for you to gauge the progress since we track all of the progress to the hour. In some cases, if we are deep into uncharted territory (it happens sometimes,) we will not bill you the entire time if we feel it is taking longer than it should. 

Hourly services are also best whenever the work involves purely artistic output (since art is largely subjective.) We attempt to gain insights into the colors, patterns, and designs that your team is looking for by example. We provide at least a few alternative designs whenever we deliver early prototypes as this seems to gets us closer to the desired artistic vision before we start. 

Some more common hourly services are listed in the Hourly Services tab but in many cases we define the work based on your needs. In some cases, you may not know what you need – we can help there too.

We lean on our 30 years of development experience and utilize best practices in all stages of the work from research, configuration, testing and delivery.