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Our Approach and SEO Strategy

We do not consider search engine optimization (SEO) to be an art-form. We use precise road-maps utilizing SEO Tools that yield measurements and indicate next steps. The trick is gaining a knowledge base for the details involved in “next step” actions. Mastery of the tools and best practices is an important predictor of success in any SEO endeavor.

At Data Design Resources, these tools assist us during keyword research and analysis and help us better understand your company’s competition. They provide important metrics that guide our ‘SEO strategy’. These metrics indicate the efforts required. In addition to adding keywords to pages, posts, and meta-data, these efforts also typically involve content optimization and new content generation. This is a time-consuming process and one that most website owners find frustrating.

Central to this effort, is choosing the right tools to move from SEO strategy to “keyword strategy”. These tools are utilized to measure improvements in rankability and provide useful snap-shops which can be compared after performing planned SEO-related optimizations. Most SEO optimization “campaign” activities are performed through a 3 month timeline. We assist you in choosing realistic campaign goals. Getting ranked highly in Google can be an illusive goal in some markets, but improvements are often possible – in most cases there is “low-hanging fruit”.

Our initial activities goals are two-fold: First, we identify the best keywords that produces links to your companies website on Google and Bing search engine result pages (SERPs.) We focus on maximizing click-through potential. Secondly, we engage in a “Local SEO strategy” and unify your companies profile settings in targeted directories throughout the web. There’s many different automation plans available to maximize your advertising budget.

SEO is an ever-changing target and requires revisiting the rankings and making changes to your site to maintain a high-ranking. Tooling this effort is critical and picking the tools and gaining expertise with them is possible with a good partner. We can either train you to become proficient with the tools or we can step in whenever you need assistance. All of the tools can be decommissioned while SEO activites are not being coducted. There are many ways to lower the of SEO activities.

We provide both, routine checkups, and SEO optimization services.  See our full list of SEO Services on our website for more information.