WordPress Project Cost and Guarantee

WordPress Project Cost and Guarantee

We believe that you deserve completely open disclosures before you buy anything and setting clear expectations are an essential part of providing a service. So here we go…

In our service, there are one clear distinction that set up apart from other web design companies – these help us manage our costs and keep prices low.

Every page is constructed from text and images that you provide electronically. Beyond cropping, resizing, and saving the images in web friendly formats, we do not alter the images you provide, unless we make arrangements. This is outlined further in How we Build your WordPress Site.

Like most professional software companies, we follow ‘Best Practices’ but we trim it down a bit to make the process run smoothly for a small shop and to lessen the impact for our customers. For this to work, we ask questions at the beginning and at a few key points during development. Your company should assign a contact for us to work with who can review expedite unanswered questions and review feedback from your company’s staff by ranking priority.

Depending on the size of the project, we may provide a JIRA system for everyone to record their feedback. In these larger projects, we would work with a small team to review the feedback.

More information is available on the WordPress Questionnaire page. You might want to make sure that you have identified the right person to answer this questionnaire.

The results of the questionnaire are added to your Project Collateral Folder. If you need to change it, we will ask for a funded Change Request. We will quote the additional hours needed to fulfill the specific deliverables needed to satisfy the Change Request. A quote will be prepared and we will start once the additional hours are approved (or purchased for smaller companies.)

Sor a few of our services, we work on an hourly rate. We try to minimize those. Typically, that’s reserved for deliverables that are subject to subjectivity. Graphic Design is one such example. For smaller companies on a tight budget, we work in small increments so that investment is controlled (i.e. allocate a few hours and see what that buys you; if your satisfied, add additional hours. etc.) We are reasonable and proficient – but this is usually the most comfortable for everyone. We track and refund unused time!

Although, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our work, we want you to know that ALL of our work is 100% guaranteed. We work hard for your 5-star review and take this seriously.

A bit more on the guarantee: We will create a new website, initially the website will reside on our server. As we progress, we will send you PDFs for proofs for your approval. Once the design is approved, 50% of the cost will be non-refundable (this protects us from people who might take advantage of the 100% guarantee, since designs can easily be copied.) For more information, see WordPress Project Cost and Guarantee.

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