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The approach to search engine optimization is start with a SEO Analysis tools and inspect the generated report. We also conduct keyword research and analysis to better understand your companies competition and understanding the importance of rankings to your business. We then look at a ‘SEO strategy’ based on all of this information. Next we gear our efforts towards content optimization, adding key-related meta-data to pages, posts, images, and internal links. This is a time-consuming process and one that most website owners find frustrating.

Luckily, there are tools that guide our efforts based on the key-word strategy we are targeting. They measure the improvement in rankability from performing this SEO-related activity on a website. We utilize these tools and they measure the improvements before and after every round of optimization (yes, you should expect multiple ’rounds’.) Getting ranked high in Google is an ever-changing target and requires revisiting the rankings and making changes to your site to maintain a high-ranking. We have a tool that we use for this routine checkup but there is a monthly fee (see Monthly SEO Service) for more information. The goal of this service is to provide reasonable efforts at targeting SEO rankings based on the strategies that are best for your business. We provide you with enough information to take informed actions to help promote your website (and, yes, this could mean that we refer you to SEO specialists. Some SEO specialists have local connections with online media and directory companies and these can prove useful – but you must use care when selecting a specialist as some shady techniques that get high rankings temporarily but get your site banned from Google forever.)

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