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In your initial phase of construction, you should select a technically solid platform that allows extensive customization and integration possibilities and scales as your company grows. Your goal should be to understand all of your options, avoid the pitfalls of WordPress, and still capitalize on it’s strengths. That is what we bring to the table. This is a good way to deploy a solid WordPress framework on a solid hosting platform with top of the line security.

Once you have the web site’s basic feature set established, eCommerce Setup with a pilot set of products is usually next – during this time, your store is usually not made public. If you do not have a web storefront, then your next steps depend on your goals: you can move directly to marketing efforts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Connectivity or you might need to integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system first. Finally, for projects with eCommerce sites, Store Configuration,  Product Population, and Product SEO is last.

Our Services are delivered in Phases:

  1. Conceptualize, organize, and deliver a compelling website on a solid platform.
  2. SEO and on-line marketing strategy, eCommerce setup and CRM integration.
  3. Store configuration, Inventory control processes, and Product import.

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