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Our Mission

Our Mission: To offer website development services at a reasonable price, that make your sites look professional, without sacrificing quality and short-cutting functionality. Data Design Resources has a philosophy that drives it’s deliverables. Bringing Form and Function Together. That incentivizes us to devise ways that make the customer experience with

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Our History

We are decades in the making. Built on top of best-practices in the computer industry, we know how to implement systems and support to empower you with control and confidence. Websites are not what they used to be. They are now a critical juncture in your advertising infrastructure. Integrations are

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James Whalen

At Your Service!

A 30 year veteran of the computer industry, James applies his expertise to WordPress and WooCommerce and brings professional best practice processes and cutting edge tools so that project efforts meet expectations such as: Timelines, Cost, Availability and Service, Website Form and Visual Style, Organized Content, Full integration to Social

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