WordPress Development Process


WordPress Development Process

WordPress Development Process

WordPress Development Process

The process outlined below is used as a guide during development of a New Website Design as listed in our catalogue. For more information on the specifics of that deliverable, as far as

is what you would select if you want a fresh WordPress installation, or a WordPress installation that is cleared of existing content and restored to a copy of the newly designed site that we provide, after your final reviews. and approved site we provide. Below, we show a high-level overview of the process. Note that since every project is different, we do not provide time-frames here.

INITIAL SPECIFICATIONS: We start from your initial specifications. Typically, this is done by some combination of the following:

  • Your responses to our WordPress Questionnaire
  • An existing older website
  • Additional revisions you provide electronically
  • Electronic renditions of the new site’s content

ADDITIONAL SPECIFICATIONS: We will seek clarifications on your initial specifications – typically done using email and/or additional questionnaires. We gather additional information and requirements such as:

  • Page theme and styling selections (We do not use ‘WordPress themes’. See Why we do not use WordPress Themes for more information.)
  • Theme components selected for each page
  • Business requirements, unique circumstances, external system integrations
  • Company information, your administration staff, email addresses

DESIGN WITH INCREMENTAL REVIEWS: We design the site in stages. While you review progress of the one stage, we move onto the next. Here is an example of what works best:

  • Initial site review includes header, footer, menu, blog, and contact us page.
  • Next review includes additional data on pages, testimonials, services, about us page, and staff profile pictures.
  • Final review include portfolio, testimonials, etc.

FUNCTIONAL TESTING: You perform additional testing as needed and we make final adjustments. An example:

  • You perform testing as your time allows, you gather feedback from your staff, and compile a list of changes.
  • Working from your list, we make final adjustments.
  • If all is good, you approve the final designs and functionality. Otherwise, we take another round of review.

MIGRATION: Your new website goes live.

  • Old site is backed up, and prepared for installation (if we are using your server.)
  • Otherwise, a new WordPress web server is provisioned (see Technical Specifications for more information.)
  • New website is imported, licensed and configured.


  • Data Design Resources performs one last round of testing for functionality.


  • We provide documentation as needed (Data Design Resources Knowledge Base is under construction.)
  • We train your staff how to use the new site.
  • We provide support to your staff during the implementation period.


  • We turn over the keys, licenses, and all rights to your company.
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