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About our Services

WordPress, WooCommerce, Marketing, SEO, CRM Integration – there are so many areas of expertise when coordinating Web projects that many projects bring in outside resources. That’s were we come in.

Our services are delivered as in various ways according to your needs. Either the work involved is part of a larger project or it’s a one-time request such as a single component or task. We have identified the 4 scenarios: Individual Tasks, Projects, Project Add-ons, and Hourly Work.

For larger projects, we can either extend your team’s project or manage a new project. We can introduce you to potential new members of the team as your project grows. We can also refer you to outside services whenever needed.

Our catalog of services are intended to give you an idea of costs for various common services – but by no means is it complete. Every project is unique and understanding your requirements and delivering to your expectation is our highest priority.

In all of our deliveries, we use an Agile approach so your always in the loop. For larger projects, we work with customers that take an active role in the project. They become the Project Manager – and we help them make decisions with research and Best Practices.