Pre-production Ponderings

At Data Design Resources, we believe that a good web site design company, should do more than just deliver a working site that looks pretty. Form is only part of the deliverable. What is often overlooked is working functionality in all areas.


You should be able to change your site – yourself, without incurring additional expenses every time you need a simple change. Web firms like to tell their customers that they should develop a long-term relationship with their web design company because they will need them for future updates. That is a deception. Once you have the right web site made for you, you should never need a web company again (unless, you add new functionality to it.)


Hosting fees are overcharged universally. You would be surprised how little it actually costs to host most websites. We can host a most sites for as little as $5/per month although you should expect to pay extra for backups – this should cost more than your actual hosting – by a couple of dollars.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is critically important for most companies. This is where the real cost is incurred. The funds should be considered part of your advertising budget. But there are other ways to get your site found now that does not involve Google ranking. Your website should be prominently displayed on all your printed material – right down to your receipts. It should be on your shop entrance, bags, tee-shirts, and pens.


You should have a Facebook page and Twitter account – at least… Social media is an enormously powerful tool. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, you should consider whether you should post videos on YouTube, pictures on Instagram, and sell books on Amazon. The approaches you use to get the word out depend entirely on your business model. Our goal is to get you thinking about your next steps. We hope you come away with this thinking less about spending money on your web site design and more on directing more traffic to your site and converting this traffic to sales.


Don’t get me wrong -a good design is important! A website is your front door, and your calling card. It should be designed to match your customers expectations and your budget. You might want to consider web site development in phases. Phase 1: Get a site working with the minimal functionality. Phase 2: Add content yourself. Phase 3: Add additional functionality. Always be thinking about how your site can be more compelling. And remember CONTENT IS KING! The more posts you create that link within your site, in an organized way, the higher your site will be automatically ranked in Google. Also critically important: NEVER copy someone else words. They must be your own. Google penalized sites that copies text from external sources. But you can borrow from other sites in other ways, penalty free, if you give credit the proper way.


Maybe your site should offer something for free? Many businesses drive sales through coupons, e-books, and offering other useful information and services for their customers. It’s sometimes a good idea, to directed customers to your website for every interaction. Need customer support? – go to our website, etc. Need to place a new order? You get the idea. You websites job is to provide an easy way to do business with your company – and then upsell!


Your an expert at what you do. Your customers need to know that. If you haven’t considered writing a book, you might want to think about it. It’s a lot easier than you think, and having a book title, could make you stand out against your competition. We can guide you to resources that can show you how.


To understand the full scope of what you are about to embark on, we list all of the services your company might need. Choose the scope of your project by selecting the items you want to concentrate on now.

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