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Our Mission: To offer website development services at a reasonable price, that make your sites look professional, without sacrificing quality and short-cutting functionality.

Data Design Resources has a philosophy that drives it’s deliverables. Bringing Form and Function Together. That incentivizes us to devise ways that make the customer experience with their website, more enjoyable and easier to fit into their workday. Engaging with data from a company’s public-facing website should become part of the day-to-day operation of a business – BUT it should be easy to do and take minimal effort.

James likes to use the concept of opportunity-cost when explaining the real cost of having a website: “If you need to spend hours a day trying to figure out how to add a new product to your website, the cost of that one task, in terns of the value of your own time, just consumed much of the value of the future profit of adding the product to your on-line catalog.” Tasks need to be easy to do – simplifying processes is a core part of how Data Design Resources can bring real value to companies looking to do business on the web.

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