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Data Design Resources has been around as a company since 1992. But it was a Sole Proprietorship serving only to keep James busy between Software Engineering jobs. Working as a consultant, under Data Design Resources, James constructed systems for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Stop and Shop, and Cape Cod E-Com. James saw the advent of the Internet and was among one of it’s earliest users. He coded a web Travel Site in 1998 for Alitia and one of the Internet’s first Marketplace platforms in 2001 – which was launched before it’s rival, Amazon.

But his time with Cape Cod E-Com saw his initiation into delivering websites for small companies wishing to bring their shop’s wares to the Internet. And E-Commerce is still his passion. Teaming with graphic artists, has always been the model in the past but as he says: “Today there are so many sources for quality art and design on the Internet – the most important skill is the technical know-how to put it all together. “Form” is everywhere. “Function” is what is lacking in most cases. I let the customer tell me what they would like to see in their website. From suggestion, we provide multiple ideas that they can choose from to make the statement they want to deliver.

If we need to design forms that stand apart, we certainly can do that. We partner with artists when we need to but today its usually not required. Entire collections of artwork are now catalogued on the Internet and we can secure rights to these designs for our clients.

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